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Important dates:

Programme Dates: June 29th, 2018 - September 7th, 2018

Amgen Scholars EU Symposium in Cambridge, UK: September 2nd-5th, 2018

2017 Programme Calendar

2017 Student Guide


Opening Retreat:

Photo_7The Amgen Scholars Programme in Munich will start with an Opening Retreat after arrival of the Amgen Scholars. We begin with some introductory and administrative information regarding the programme in Munich, your hosting lab and life in Munich. The retreat consists of basic lectures of various scientific fields and will be rounded off with excursions, the chance to learn some basic German language skills and networking. All costs for this event are covered by the programme.

Lab research:

During the following weeks, practical research will be carried out under the supervision of an assigned faculty mentor of your hosting lab. Depending on your placement, research topics cover the fields of biochemistry, structural, molecular, cell and developmental biology, neurobiology, computational neuroscience, physiological sciences, plant physiology, microbiology, immunology and oncology. More detailed information can be found on the Faculty pages.

Workshops and weekly seminars:

To prepare our scholars for a research career in the life sciences, scholars will attend a series of workshops on scientific presentation skills, academic writing, graduate education, and conference poster design. In order to cover important issues of a life science researcher, scholars will also attend short workshops on topics such as bioethics and lab safety.

During the weekly semniars, scholars will be given the chance to present their projects to the other scholars and faculty members. This way, they learn communicate about their lab experiences and progress, but also have the chance to explore topics outside of their main field of study.


Lecture Series:

New faculty members with cutting edge research topics will introduce themselves and their research focus during our lecture series and the opening retreat.


Several excursions and visits are scheduled over the summer, opening oportunities for networking with peers and researchers, both in the academia and the industry.

Photo_14Annual Symposium:

Amgen Scholars will participate in the Annual Symposium (early September), to be held at the European Amgen Scholars host site at the University of Cambridge, where all scholars will present their research experiences in a poster session. Travel costs and accommodation for this event will be covered for all Amgen Scholars.

In the Closing Symposium at the end of the programme, scholars will present their posters to the research community here in

What does the programme support?


All Amgen Scholars will be housed in student dormitories (single and shared) with access to internet, public transportation, shopping, and a wide variety of cultural activities. Housing costs are covered by the programme.

Financial award and insurance:

Amgen Scholars at the LMU will receive a stipend of €1,500 to cover living expenses. In addition, insurance covering health and accident issues, as well as liability, will be provided for all scholars by the program.

Travel costs reimbursement:

Non-local Amgen Scholars may claim up to €300 as travel expenses for their travel to Munich. Students will need to provide original receipts and used boarding


Amgen Scholars at the LMU will be expected to:

  • if necessary, assume responsibility for applying for the appropriate visa/visas (with assistance from programme staff)
  • participate in the Opening Retreat
  • reside in Munich for the entire duration of the programme
  • undertake their 9-week intensive research project in their assigned laboratory
  • participate fully in the academic life of the host laboratory
  • attend relevant research seminars and workshops, as well as regular events organised through the Amgen Scholars Programme at LMU
  • prepare a poster on their work over the summer, to be presented at the Munich Poster Session and the annual symposium in Cambridge, UK
  • participate in the annual European symposium held in Cambridge, UK
  • provide feedback on the programme, to help us ensure we are meeting the needs of the Scholars
  • comply with the programme's disciplinary code

Given the intensive nature of the programme, applications from students not planning to be present in Munich for the full duration of the programme will not be considered.

*All photos by Marina Ivanova.